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Digimon Mugshots

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Animated Mugshots

By Aegis:
Shamamon Digivolves to Ogremon

By Bahamut1993:
Veemon Armor Evolves to Magnamon

By Burning Evolution:
Koji Spirit Evolves to KendoGarurumon
Koichi Spirit Evolves to Loewemon
Bearmon Evolves to Grizzmon

By Darkjetamon:
Guilmon Evolves to Growlmon

by Demon of Light:
Takuya Evolves to BurningGreymon
Koji Evolves to KendoGarurumon
Zoe Evolves to Kazemon
Zoe Evolves to Zephyrmon
JP Evolves to Beetlemon
Tommy Evolves to Korikkakumon
Koichi Evolves to Loewemon
Kouichi Evolves to Duskmon and Velgmon
Kazemon Slide Evolves to Zephyrmon
Agumon Evolves to WarGreymon
Viral Agumon Evolves to BlackWarGreymon
Lopmon Evolves to Turuiemon
Guilmon Evolves to Dukemon
Henry Biomerges to SaintGalgomon
Suzie Biomerges to Cherubimon
Kazu Biomerges to HighAndromon

By DigistarDBZ:
Zoe Spirit Evolves to Kazemon

By Fenrir:
Veemon Armor Digivolves to Flamedramon
Mummymon Evolves
Arukenimon Evolves
Beelzemon Shot
Rika and Renamon Biomerge to Sakuyamon
Takuya Evolves to Agunimon
Koji Evolves to Lobomon
JP Evolves to Beetlemon
Tommy Evolves to Kumamon
Agunimon Slide Evolves to BurningGreymon
Beetlemon Slide Evolves to MetalKabuterimon
Kumamon Slide Evolves to Korikkakumon
Grumblemon Slide Evolves to Gigasmon
Mercuremon Slide Evolves to Sefirotmon
Arbormon Slide Evolves to Petaldramon

by GigadramonYagami:
Takato Matsuki
Hirokazu Biomerges to HighAndromon

by Lia:
Gabumon Evolves to Garurumon

by Mayko Motomiya:
Ranamon Slide Evolves to Calmaramon
Monzaemon Becomes WaruMonzaemon
Cherubimon Appears
Kouichi Evolves to Duskmon and Becomes Loewemon

by Noodles:
Patamon Evolves to Angemon
Patamon Evolves to MagnaAngemon
Patamon Evolves to Lord HolyAngemon
Patamon Evolves to Seraphimon

by Oorakamon:
Impmon Evolves to Beelzemon

by Platinumdragon14:
Wormmon Armor Digivolves to Puttimon

by Strabimon:
Grumblemon evolves to Gigasmon
Lobomon slide evolves to KendoGarurumon
Koji spirit evolves to KendoGarurumon
Koji double spirit evolves to Beowulfmon
Gabumon warp evolves to MetalGarurumon
Leomon Evolves to GrappLeomon

by Strider Suzaku:
Monodramon Evolves to Cyberdramon
Devimon Evolves to NeoDevimon
Flamon Slide Evolution
Agunimon Reverts to Flamon
Koichi Spirit Evolves to Duskmon
Mercuremon Evolves to BlackSeraphimon
Cherubimon Becomes Virus

by Titanmetal:
Terriermon Evolves to Galgomon

by ukyoluvr:
Miyako's Bingo
Yolei Glow
Cody Glow
TK Glow
Kari Glow
02 Kids Glow
Gatomon Evolves to Angewomon
Silphymon Evolution
Bishounen Yamato

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