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Digimon Mini 1.0

ChildReptile TypeVaccine Attribute
This reptile type digimon is shaped like a tiny dinosaur. Because he is still in the process of growing, his power is weak, but he has a strong personality and has escaped crisis with his heroism. For his special technique, he spits his breath of flames, Baby Flame, from his mouth, attacking his enemies.

ChildAmphibian TypeVirus Attribute
This amphibian type digimon walks on four legs. His personality is gentle, and though he is a quiet digimon, he emits an electric current of more than one million volts from his body to attack his enemies once he is angered.

BabySlime TypeN/A
This digital monster was just born. Black, downy fur has grown thickly on the surface of his slimy body. Since he was just born, he cannot attack, but he blows a foam-like substance from his mouth to threaten enemies.

ChildReptile TypeData Attribute
This reptile type digimon has evolved, keeping part of Tsunomon's horn. He is very timid, has a shy personality, and always wears a fur pelt gathered from the remaining data of a Garurumon. Other digimon are afraid of him because he wears the pelt of a Garurumon, which also serves as protection for his body. When he wears this pelt, his personality does a complete 180. His special technique is Petit Fire.

AdultBeast TypeVaccine Attribute
This beast type digimon is shaped to give the impression of a wolf that lives on intensely cold ground. He is covered in a blue-silver color fur, and his body hair is hard like mithril, which is spoken of as one type of rare metal. He has the agility of a carnivore and the accuracy to reliably bring down his targets, and while his existence is frightening to other digimon, his intelligence is very high and he is loyal to his master. His special technique Fox Fire is a high-temperature, blue flame.

AdultDinosaur TypeVaccine Attribute
The skin on the head of this dinosaur type digimon hardened and covered him in a shell like that of a beetle. He is a very aggressive digimon with a body like a dangerous weapon, armed with sharp claws and giant horns. However, if you can tame his high intelligence, perhaps he is not as tough a monster as indicated. The Greymon that inhabit the continent of Folder have no rage characteristic, and from their high intelligence, they can do a method of battle that uses the cooperation of their allies. For his special technique Mega Flame, he spits super high temperature flames from his mouth and reduces everything to ashes.

BabyLesser TypeN/A
The downy fur that covered the surface of this tiny digimon has been shed, and his body has become one size bigger. He has become such that he can actively move around, but he is not yet able to fight. He blows bubbles from his mouth to threaten his enemies.

PerfectCyborg TypeVaccine Attribute
This cyborg type digimon has mechanized more than half of his body. The MetalGreymon of File Island have drastically lengthened their life activities in accordance with their modding, but the flesh parts cannot withstand it and have discolored to blue. However, the MetalGreymon of Folder Continent have succeeded in their perfect evolution, and are cyborg digimon that have drawn out their more complete power. In order to evolve to MetalGreymon, they must defeat and keep attaining victory over the formidable enemies that come attacking. Also, MetalGreymon's attack power is said to be comparable to a nuclear warhead shot, and when a lower-level digimon experiences that blow, it is annihilated so that not even a trace is left behind. For his special technique, he fires his organic system missiles Giga Destroyer from the hatch that is on part of his chest.

AdultMollusk TypeVirus Attribute
This mollusk type digimon has a body like that of a slug. He likes environments that are dark and gloomy, and has no attack power or intelligence. A digimon becomes Numemon when mistakes are made in its raising, but it seems that there is a hidden secret... In order to protect his body from foreign enemies, he does a disgusting attack where he throws his own poop.

UltimateHoly Knight TypeVaccine Attribute
The Virus Busters WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon united due to the strong wills of the people who desired goodness, and he was born. This digimon also has two special qualities and is a multi-type knight that can fully utilize those abilities no matter the situation. He was equipped with a shield and sword on his left arm, which took the form of WarGreymon, and a large gun and missiles on his right arm, which took the form of MetalGarurumon. The cape on his back was automatically equipped from his back for when he flies or dodges the attacks of his enemies. His special technique Garuru Cannon freezes his enemies with chilled bullets sent out from the large cannon shaped like MetalGarurumon. Also, the Grey Sword is equipped on his left arm.

AdultAquatic TypeData Attribute
This aquatic type digimon has a long body like a big snake. He uses his long body to wrap up the bodies of enemies that come charging and tightens up until their breath dies out. His intelligence is not much, and he behaves as becoming of his instincts.

PerfectHorned Dragon TypeData Attribute
As a herbivorous dinosaur type, this bipedal horned dragon type digimon has the shape of a triceratops and has one of the highest attack powers. The strength of his skin is top class among creature line digimon. The two horns that sprouted from his forehead, just like his skin, are super hard, and are far harder than even a Monochromon. His personality is basically gentle. However, his charge attack, which you wouldn't expect based on his usual sluggish movements, has the attack power to destroy even hard-bodied, mineral line digimon. For his special technique Tri Horn Attack, he charges at the enemy with the two horns on his forehead and the horn on his nose.

UltimateDragon Man TypeVaccine Attribute
This is the strongest dragon warrior who wears armor of the super metal Chrome Digizoid, and is the ultimate form of the Greymon system of digimon. He differs from the enormous forms seen in the Greymon system of digimon, and has taken the form of a human type, rapidly advancing his power and speed, and it seems impossible for him to be defeated by the attack standards of perfect level digimon. The Dramon Killers equipped on both arms display tremendous power on the Dramon system of digimon, but at the same time they are double-edged blades that expose himself to danger as well. Also, when the shell that is equipped on his back is joined together into one piece, it becomes the most solid shield, Brave Shield. When the true hero amongst all the strong veterans awakens in his mission, he is said to evolve into WarGreymon. His special technique Gaia Force is a super-high density bullet of heat energy that concentrates all of the energy that exists in the atmosphere into one point and fires.

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