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Digimon Mini 2.0

PerfectInsect TypeVaccine Attribute
This is an evolved type of Kabuterimon found in the tropic regions of the Net Area. He is the same race as the blue AlturKabuterimon, but this AtlurKabuterimon's flight ability surpasses the other's. Since he is expressionless, his personality is not fully known, but he is said to protect the weak and has been witnessed doing knightly deeds. For his special technique Horn Buster, he thrusts at his enemies with his enormous horn.

BabySlime TypeN/A
At first glance, he is like a mere light green bubble, but this bubble type digimon behaves freely and shows plenty of facial expression. Since his surface has not yet hardened, his defensive power is just as non-existent as his propensity for battle. Tiny bubbles are produced from the part that looks like a pacifier in his mouth, which propagate infinitely. That propagation property is the work of a former computer virus spreader being used, but because his life force weakens when he uses it too much, he does not like to execute it. His life is short-lived, but this loveable digimon baby lives it in earnest. Stopping the movement of foreign enemies with the sticky bubbles he produces from within his body and escaping at that time is his strength.

ChildMammal TypeData Attribute
This mammal type digimon retained Tsunomon's mammalian elements when he evolved. His strong curiosity and mischief-loving personality are inherited from Tsunomon. Also, Elecmon has nine tails, and in times of battle, he spreads his tails like the feathers of a peacock to intimidate his enemies. His special technique is Sparkling Thunder.

UltimateInsect TypeVaccine Attribute
This is the ultimate insect type digimon, evolved of data from both the Kabuterimon line and the Kuwagamon line. He has a giant horn and pincers, and can be said to be a form that completely compensates for the defects of those two digimon lines of polar opposite dispositions. His body radiates with a golden color and has restored and strengthened the flight ability that AtlaKabuterimon had lost, so he zooms around the Digital World with supersonic speed. It seems that there are currently few beings who match HeracleKabuterimon in accomplishing this ultimate evolution. His special technique is Giga Blaster, a stronger version of Mega Blaster. There is no one who has received this attack and not been annihilated.

AdultInsect TypeVaccine Attribute
This insect type digimon has exactly the same biological system as the variety that inhabits File Island. However, it has a strength that cannot be compared with File Island's Kabuterimon in terms of attack power and defensive ability. It is unknown why they have a difference like this in digimon of the same species, but the cause may become clear sooner or later. It also has the flawless defensive ability that a beetle has and power like an ant. Its personality is that of an insect, and because it only has the instincts for survival, its intelligence and such are negligible. It swoops down mercilessly on digimon of the virus attribute with which it has an antagonistic relationship. Its head is metalized and boasts the defense of an iron wall. Its special technique is Mega Blaster.

AdultBeast Man TypeData Attribute
This is a half-man, half-beast digimon in which the upper half of his body is humanoid and the lower half of his body is bestial. He protects his body with a hard substance that breaks out from the inside of his body, and his right arm is integrated with a weapon. Furthermore, he can erupt a gas at super high pressure from the ducts that protrude from his back and can move at a speed close to the speed of sound, but only for a moment. He excels in defensive ability, attack power, and speed. His pride is very high, and he vehemently hates things that are restricting or commanding. His special technique Hunting Cannon is integrated with his right arm. Escaping from that attack is next to impossible. However, because that attack consumes a lot of energy, he avoids battle to the best of his ability.

ChildInsect TypeVirus Attribute
This insect type digimon has lightning patterns added onto its whole body. The children of insect digimon have very peculiar existences even among digimon in that their evolved forms are still unknown, but with the discovery of Kunemon, the nature of the insect digimon other than Kabuterimon seem to be gradually becoming clearer. Whether the lightning patterns on the part thought to be its face are organs serving as eyes has not been made clear, but based on their change of shape according to Kunemon's emotions, it is said that they probably do serve as eyes. Its personality is fairly ill-tempered. Its special technique Electric Thread is a string tinged with electricity that is spit out from its sharp beak. When entwined in this string, one is knocked out by the intense electrical shocks.

BabyLesser TypeN/A
This soft-bodied digimon possesses an elastic outer skin and uses the protuberances on the lower part of his body to toddle around. When his mood is haughty, that state causes his body to swell, so he came to be called Mochimon because he looks like mochi. However, because he has a high intelligence that one would not imagine from his appearance, it is guessed that his origin is a dictionary program in a computer. He understands human language and his form is sometimes seen trying to take up communication by freely transforming his body. He prevents the movement of his opponents by spitting out foam with a mochi-like elasticity.

AdultMutant TypeVirus Attribute
This unlikable digimon is shaped like a sparkling gold poop. Junk data that was discarded in a trash can on the screen of a computer accumulated, caused a mutation, and was born. He likes dark places, and his situation is comparable to Numemon in that he is disliked by other digimon, who consider him a collection of the dregs of data. His intelligence and attack power are negligible. His partner Chuumon is a tiny mouse-like digimon who cannot fight, but won't lose to anyone in terms of his cunning and is always provoking Sukamon to commit crimes.

ChildInsect TypeVaccine Attribute
He has a hard shell, but he is the original type of insect type digimon whose attack properties are still low. He has one hard claw on his front legs and four on his middle and back legs, and his middle legs in particular can skillfully grasp things with the dexterity of a human. Other insect types that are successful in the evolutionary model have nothing but a battling spirit, but at this point in time, his nature-friendly sentiments seem to be remaining, and he is said to sniff the scents of flowers, nap in the shade of trees, and so on, displaying a carefree lifestyle. The special technique that he currently has, Petit Thunder, lets fly the static electricity that he has amplified with his wings.

AdultDinosaur TypeData Attribute
This monster is like the ancient dinosaur that existed in prehistoric times. He sweeps through everything with his large tail and two developed arms. Since he has intelligence and a docile personality, he is very easy to tame.

UltimateInsect TypeVirus Attribute
The King of Bugs who governs all of the insect type digimon. He is said to act only at night, in his citadel in the Underforest that exists deep underground below the dark forest. He can manipulate every insect type digimon with their minds intact, so he personally almost never fights. Due to his body shell being composed of high-density chrome digizoid, it is thought that ordinary digimon cannot inflict wounds. Shine of Bee, an unblockable red-hot explosion that fires from his whole body, instantly turns every antagonizing individual to ash. Also, for Bee Cyclone, he summons his subordinate insects and they build up into an impregnable wall of bugs.

PerfectPuppet TypeVirus Attribute
This brutal-faced puppet digimon is not at all like Monzaemon. His relationship with MetalEtemon is good, and it is said that the WaruMonzaemon plushie attached to MetalEtemon's hip is an actual WaruMonzaemon escorting him. Of course, he is similar to Monzaemon in that his true form is unknown, but the shining eyes that suspiciously peek out from within are ominous. His personality is evil incarnate, and he is wily with maliciousness. On his left arm, he has the significant character for "Evil" and has equipped the powerful claw of a grizzly bear, Bear Claw. His special technique Heartbreak Attack sends everyone into a dark mood. When receiving that attack, one goes into a depressed and sorrowful mood, and their fighting spirit is completely lost.

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