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Digimon Twin

ChildDinosaur TypeVaccine Attribute
This special Agumon has wound red leather belts around his arms, but it is surmised that his growth is no different than the traditional evolution. His power is still weak since he is in the process of growing, but hard, pointed claws have grown in on all hands and legs, and if he is placed in battle he will demonstrate his power. For his special technique, Baby Flame, he spits flame breath from his mouth to attack the enemy. Also, Baby Burner, where he amasses his Baby Flame in his mouth and spits it all out at once, is an outstanding power.

Agumon Hakase
ChildDinosaur TypeVaccine Attribute
This genius Agumon has a doctorate in Digital Monster Studies at Digital World University. The badge on his chest is proof of his Ph.D. His mentioned title is one granted by Agumon Hakase himself, but his accuracy in fields like digimon varieties and ecology is certain. His peculiar dialect appends "Gya" to the ends of his words and it is thought that he may have a distant origin. His special techniques are the hat Hakase-bou, which he hopes will make himself cleverly charming, and the stick Hakase Bou, which he hopes will persuade his opponents.

PerfectAncient Crustacean TypeData Attribute
A computer virus infected the databank of a research institute that was performing the excavation and investigation of an ancient life form, taking in and evolving the data on the ancient life form. Just like the life form, which existed at the top of the food chain in ancient times, he has a voracious appetite and has acquired an efficient food replenishing ability. He catches enemies by skillfully using the feelers that grow on his head and kills them with the sharp blade that grows from his tail. When battle conditions become unfavorable for him, he hides his body by covering it up in the sediment of the ocean floor with his sharp feelers. The radar eyes that protrude from his head try for a chance at a comeback by catching his enemies like a night vision device. His special technique is Stinger Surprise, which he crosses both forefeet and releases.

AdultGiant Bird TypeData Attribute
The two legs of this giant bird type digimon have developed large. Since he kept up his life on the ground for a long time, he evolved into a body suited to the ground and can not fly in the sky. Because of that, his body has grown large and he has developed fierce leg power. The feathers on his head have completely degenerated and on the brink of battle, he spreads his tail widely to threaten his enemies. His disposition is wildly ferocious, but in order to maintain his large body, his energy expenditure in violent battles is weak. His special technique is PetriFire. When one receives this attack, this terrible technique does not charbroil but completely petrifies the body.

PerfectPerfect TypeData Attribute
This ultimate digimon is shaped like a digitama, the beginning of all digimon, and also the end. It is said that this Digitamamon, who is at the pinnacle of evolution, will not evolve from common digimon and will never evolve without fusing data from different dimensions. He is enveloped in an exoskeleton shaped like an egg, the front of which renders all attacks meaningless. For his special techniques Enigma, which destroys the spirits of enemies, and Nightmare Syndrome, the sphere of darkness, when any digimon receives these attacks, they completely stop their life activities.

UltimateHoly Knight TypeVirus Attribute
This holy knight type digimon, together with Omegamon and Magnamon, are called Royal Knights. The Royal Knights are digimon who rank at the highest level of network security, and it is absolutely impossible to disrupt security in front of these digimon. Dukemon's existence carries the contradiction of being a guardian deity of the Net while being a virus type, and if by chance his balance crumbles, then he becomes a dangerous being. He is clad in a holy armor that was manufactured and refined to be 99.9% highly pure Chrome Digizoid, his right hand holds the holy lance Gram, and his left hand the holy shield Aegis. He prizes chivalry, and is a man of devotion towards his lord. His special technique Royal Saber is an intense hit sent out from the holy lance Gram, and Final Elysian fires an all-purifying beam from the holy shield Aegis on his left arm.

AdultInsect TypeVirus Attribute
This insect type digimon has dangerous, large wings. Those large wings can fly him around at super-high speeds and produces a giant howling noise called a sonic boom in aviation, completely paralyzing the hearing sense of those who hear it. His body is protected by a hard shell, and he digs into the enemy with his large talons, resulting in him killing the enemy with the super-powerful poison of the stinger on his tail. The evolutionary process of insect type digimon is still uncertain, but when guessing based on the appearance of his face, he is thought to evolve from the Kunemon species. With his special technique Deadly Stinger, which fires the poison stinger of his tail, digimon who are stabbed by the stinger are poisoned throughout their whole bodies, which they say discolors them to purple and kills them. Incidentally, the stinger is a troublesome thing they say is regrown any number of times.

ChildReptile TypeData Attribute
He is covered in fur, but is a full-fledged reptile type digimon. He is very timid, has a shy personality, and always wears a fur pelt gathered from the remaining data of a Garurumon. Other digimon are afraid of him because the pelt of a Garurumon performs a favor by protecting his body, but more than that, the effect does a 180 on Gabumon's personality. His special technique is Petit Fire.

ChildBeast TypeData Attribute
This beast type digimon is thought to be a subspecies of the sharp claw-bearing Gazimon line. He specializes in strike and retreat attacks with his agile movement. The gloves on his hands seem to be protecting his claws until they grow. For his special technique, Rolling Upper, he rolls himself into his enemy's chest, and Double Backhand is unleashed while he spins. He also has Gao Rush, where he moves around agilely, releasing a high-speed barrage of punches.

AdultBeast TypeData Attribute
Gaomon's physique has grown larger, and the claws of this beast type digimon, which had been protected by his gloves, have grown firm. He is a quadruped, but he is tough and can stand up like a bear and attack. For his special technique Dash Double Claw, he approaches the enemy faster than the eye can see and attacks, while for Gaoga Hound, he bites with his strong teeth, never letting go until the enemy collapses. Also, he has Spiral Blow, where he releases a powerful whirlpool-shaped wind from his mouth in one breath.

AdultBeast TypeVaccine Attribute
This beast type digimon is shaped like a wolf, whose body is covered in a blue and white silver fur. That fur is hard like mithril, which is called the rare metal of legend, and the blades that extend from his shoulders have a sharp cutting edge, cutting up those who touch them. He has a intense battle instinct and muscles that were forged in the intensely cold lands of Folder Continent, and has agility like a carnivore the accuracy to reliably bring down targets, and is a being feared by other digimon. However, his intelligence is very high, and will faithfully follow one he recognizes as his master or leader. His special technique Fox Fire, is a hot blue flame he spits from his mouth.

AdultDinosaur TypeVaccine Attribute
This unique digimon is surmised to be a sub-species of Greymon. His body, including the carapace on his head, has developed like a dangerous full-body weapon, taking on an aggressive shape. For his special technique Mega Flame, he spits out super-high temperature flames, reducing everything to ashes. He also charges his Mega Flame in his mouth to its utmost limits, holding its explosive power, then fires a Mega Burst. Furthermore, Horn Impulse is a powerful attack where he charges with his enormous horns, demolishing the enemy.

ChildOre TypeData Attribute
This ore type digimon, clad in ore data from the field, has a strong defensive power. They are mischievous with cheerful personalities, they bring along short digimon of their generation just like neighborhood bullies, and are live wires that jump about in the system. Parts of them are somewhat selfish, and once they become angry, they run wild with violence like the eruption of a volcano and become untouchable. The ore data they express varies based on the conditions and places of their origin, and hides the potential for various evolutions. For their special technique Angry Rock, they fire a chunk of super hard ore from the top of their heads.

AdultDemon Dragon TypeVirus Attribute
This demon dragon type digimon is called the Demon Dragon of Deep Crimson. His childishness from the time he was Guilmon has vanished, and he is now evolving to a wild and brutal digimon. Also, he is a virus type digimon, but since he obeys faithfully in some circumstances where he was brought up by a tamer, he has also fought for the sake of justice. Growlmon's howl holds such power that it shakes the earth, and before battle, he raises his aggressive howling voice and intimidates enemies. For his triumphant skill Plasma Blade, he brings forth plasma in the blades on both arms and attacks the enemy. For his special technique Exhaust Flame, he spits out both powerful flames and explosions.

ChildReptile TypeVirus Attribute
This digimon is shaped like a dinosaur that remains very young still. He is still a child level, but his potential as a Battle Species, inherent to all digimon, is very high, and he hides ferocious characteristics like a carnivore. The mark depicted on his abdomen is called the Digital Hazard, and is etched into those who have the potential to exert major damage towards computer data. However, if he only uses this ability peacefully, he may be able to exist as a protector of the Digital World. For his triumphant skill Rock Breaker, he destroys even rocks with his tough foreclaws. For his special technique Fireball, he spits a powerful flaming shot.

PerfectCyborg TypeData Attribute
A cyborg type digimon who bears rocket engines on his back with vast propulsive power. The durations of his flights are short, but he revives his maximum propulsion instantaneously, and he mainly specializes in strike and retreat attacks. For his special technique Gaoga Tornado, he spins around the enemy at maximum propulsion and releases a super high-speed barrage, while Winning Knuckle is a single blow from his fist that boasts super striking power. Also, he has an ultrasonic wave attack Howling Cannon, which fires a howl in one breath.

PerfectCyborg TypeVirus Attribute
This cyborg type perfect digimon has the name of Enormous Growmon. His body follows that name, having greatly increased in size, and the top half of his body has been metallized with the strongest metal Chrome Digizoid. He can fly with the two vernier jets joined to both shoulders, and can do both ground to ground and anti-air attacks. In order to keep him from rampaging with his excessive power, he has a bit-like restrainer attached to part of his jaw. Also, the Assault Balancer that extends like a sash from part of his back is extendable and can pierce his enemies. His triumphant skill Double Edge cuts up enemies with the Pendulum Blades on both his arms. His special technique Atomic Blaster destroys enemies on the atomic level with the gunports on both breasts.

UltimateCyborg TypeData Attribute
This is Garurumon's final form, who powered up by metalizing just about his whole body. Even after metalizing, the quick wit he had before was not lost, and he pulverizes enemies with the countless weapons concealed in his whole body. Since he shines invisible lasers from the four laser sights on the end of his muzzle and can use every kind of sensor such as infrared rays and x-rays to analyze forward targets, escaping from MetalGarurumon is impossible, even in the darkness that the field of vision does not reach. Also, he can fly around in the airspace of the Net at super-high speeds by releasing beam-shaped wings from the limbs that stretch from his back. For his special technique Cocytus Breath, he spits out a cold air at absolute zero that completely freezes all things. The life activities of those who receive this attack stop instantly.

UltimateGod Man TypeVirus Attribute
オリンポス十二神族に属する少女の姿をした神人型デジモン。非常に小柄な体格ではあるが、身の丈ほどの大剣を自由自在に振り回す怪力の持ち主である。幼子のように天真爛漫で明るい性格の持ち主であるが、感情の起伏が激しく、機嫌が悪くなるとわがまま放題な行動(問題)を引き起こし、誰も手が付けられなくなってしまう。必殺技は大剣「オリンピア」から繰り出される前転斬り『ストライクロール』と目にも留まらぬ横回転斬り『マッドネスメリーゴーランド』 『ストライクロール』は大地を割り、『マッドネスメリーゴーランド』は大竜巻を巻き起こす。
This god man type digimon is shaped like a young girl and belongs to the Twelve Gods of Olympus family. She has an unusually short physique, but is the owner of a superhuman strength that freely brandishes a blade that is larger than her body height. She is the owner of a cheerful personality with a child-like innocence, but the ups and downs of her emotions are intense, and when her temper goes bad, it prompts completely self-serving actions (problems) and she gets completely out of hand for everyone. Her special techniques are Strike Roll, a forward roll and slash inflicted from her large blade Olympia, and Madness Merry-go-Round, a side rotation and slash quicker than the eye. Strike Roll splits the ground, and Madness Merry-go-Round creates a large tornado.

UltimateBeast Knight TypeData Attribute
This beast knight type digimon covered his whole body in chrome digizoid armor. Since he moves with incomparable speed, the enemy sees him as if he were a mirage-like phenomenon. His special technique Double Crescent Mirage is a crescent moon type shockwave from both hands, and Full Moon Blaster is a super dreadnought hit fired from the mouth part of his chest. He also has Gale Claw, where he runs through like a gale, instantly cutting up his enemies.

Baby IILesser TypeN/A
This small digimon has special characteristics like a cat. Always moody, this behavior seems to be attached to Nyaromon because of the cat-like part of her. She is brimming with curiosity and has a fickle side, but also has a solitary side. For her special technique Fox Tail, she inflates her tail, making her fur wire-like and striking the enemy. However, enemies who recoil from this attack have never been spotted.

PerfectFairy TypeVaccine Attribute
This fairy digimon uses magic. He can recite an advanced programming language from another dimension and cause magic-like wonders. This wonderful digimon can appear in any location, time, or space, and alters his properties according to the area he inhabits. For that reason, he surpasses members of the same race who live on File Island. He has a mischief-loving personality, and enjoys causing computers to go berserk with his favorite spear Fairy Tale that he always holds in his hand (with no ill intent toward the user). His special technique Bit Bomb is a super powerful bomb that condenses computer viruses. He does dreadful attacks, regardless of his outward appearance.

UltimatePuppet TypeVirus Attribute
This ultimate puppet digimon was created from the body of the accursed Jureimon. It is thought perhaps that one villainous hacker created Pinocchimon from Jureimon's data. He is shaped like a marionette, but he can act on his own volition. His personality is that of a hateful liar, and when computers present incorrect information, it is the work of Pinocchimon. His special ability Bullet Hammer is his strongest technique where he strikes with his gunpowder-filled, revolver-type hammer. When one receives this attack, it seems that no trace is left of them from not just the hammer blow, but due to the explosion caused by the gunpowder.

PerfectCyborg TypeVaccine Attribute
A cyborg type digimon who has mechanized more than half of his body. He attacks his enemies and soars through the sky in spite of his large build. The offensive power that he fires from the giant revolver on his left arm is said to rival a nuclear warhead shot, but because of its tremendous power and recoil, rapid-fire is impossible. Furthermore, his gun barrel is a chrome digizoid alloy so that it can withstand that power. For his special technique Trident Revolver, he fires (in three-point bursts) as rapidly as the limits of chrome digizoid's endurance will allow, while Rising Destroyer fires a beam barrage from his chest gunports as well as the three beam cannons on each wing. Also, Solid Strike, in which he charges the enemy and knocks them down with his giant revolver, is of pre-eminent damage strength.

UltimateLight Dragon TypeVaccine Attribute
This light dragon type digimon stores the red-hot energy of the sun and fights. For his special technique Glorious Burst, he extends his giant wings, concentrates light energy to its utmost limit, and fires, and for Shining Blast, he mows down the enemy with his wings of sparkling light. Also, his Power of Gaia has the ability to summon the condensed sword GeoGrey Sword from the ground.

AdultInsectivorous Plant Type*Virus Attribute
This insectivorous plant type digimon has a mouth that opens wide and vines that stretch long. He is a very brutal digimon that uses his long, tentacle-like vines to ensnare small digimon lured in by the sweet aroma released from his mouth, but since he does not have direct attack abilities, he cannot oppose large digimon. Veggiemon wears a seed that he blooms into a flower when he grows.

*Often listed as a Plant Type.

UltimateDragon Man TypeVaccine Attribute

PerfectBeast Man TypeVaccine Attribute
This beast man type digimon is a Garurumon that has evolved and become able to walk on two legs. His speed has unfortunately diminished with the change to bipedal movement, but he is a commando type digimon who has filled his body with a stronger attack power, defensive ability, and additional tactical characteristics. The kicking skills he sends out from the leg power he inherited from Garurumon are intense, so his jumping power is one of the best among digimon. Also, he is hot with loyalty and is a reliable personality that faithfully accomplishes his duties if his master orders. For his special technique Kaiser Nail, he tears up his opponent with the sharp claws on both arms.

AdultDemon Man TypeData Attribute
This advanced level demon man type digimon came from the Digital World of another dimension. In his native Digital World (Witchelny), he mastered the magic (a high class programming language) of fire and earth, set out to become a great wizard, and arrived in the Digital World in pursuit of knowledge. He is a bit of a mischief-lover, but because he also has an aspect of a shy person, he never shows his uncovered face. For his special technique, Thunder Cloud, he calls forth a cloud of thunder and sends out intense lightning strikes.

Baby ISlime TypeN/A
This baby digimon is enveloped in fine hair that is soft and white. She is thought to be a variety of Botamon, and is named YukimiBotamon due to her white body, but that information is not proven. She cools the temperature and has the trait of liking cold places, and when you touch her body, she is pleasantly cool. Her attack technique is Diamond Dust, where she breathes out a chilly cold breath. When YukimiBotamon blows out her breath, she freezes the moisture in the atmosphere, which falls down while sparkling.

UltimateCyborg TypeData Attribute

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