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Digivice Burst

ChildDinosaur TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Dragon
This special Agumon has wound red leather belts around his arms, but it is surmised that his growth is no different than the traditional evolution. His power is still weak since he is in the process of growing, but hard, pointed claws have grown in on all hands and legs, and if he is placed in battle he will demonstrate his power. For his special technique, Baby Flame, he spits flame breath from his mouth to attack the enemy. Also, Baby Burner, where he amasses his Baby Flame in his mouth and spits it all out at once, is an outstanding power.

UltimateDemon Lord TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Darkness
Though this demon lord type digimon has the ability to control many demon type digimon, he defends his isolated existence. As one of the Seven Great Demon Lords, it is said that if he felt like it, he could stand at the pinnacle of the army corps of darkness, the Nightmare Soldiers, but it is said that he exists as a demon lord type digimon only to surpass his Beelzebmon existence. He holds his favorite Shotguns Berenjena and manages the huge bike type machine Behemoth. His personality is ruthless, he behaves coldheartedly, and his pride is unusually high, but he never attacks the weak when they crowd together. For his triumphant skill Darkness Claw, he raises his sharp claws overhead and tears apart the enemy. His special technique Double Impact is a rapid firing of his two shotguns.

UltimateDemon Lord TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Darkness
ベルフェモンは千年に1度の周期で永き眠りから覚め、本来の姿を取り戻すという。眠りから覚めたベルフェモンは怒りの権化と化し、視界に入るもの全てが破壊の対象となる。ベルフェモン レイジモードの咆哮を受けただけで、完全体以下のデジモンはデータ分解し即死するといわれており、究極体デジモンといえども無傷ではいられない。必殺技は体に巻きついた鎖から発する黒い炎『ランプランツス』と地獄の炎をまとった爪から繰り出される斬撃『ギフトオブダークネス』。なお、7大魔王を冠するデジモンに葬られたデジモンのデータは輪廻転生することなく、ダークエリアの中心へと送り込まれ、魔王たちの血肉となる。
They say that Belphemon awakens from his long sleep in a cycle of once in a millennium and takes back his natural form. The awakened Belphemon transforms into the incarnation of anger and all who enter his field of vision become the target of his destruction. It is said that from merely experiencing the howl of Belphemon's Rage Mode, digimon perfect level and below undergo data disassembly and die instantly, although ultimate level digimon are not unaffected. His special technique Lampranthus is a black flame emitted from the chains wrapped around his body, and Gift of Darkness is a slashing attack sent out from his hellfire-wrapped claws. Furthermore, the data of digimon consigned to oblivion by the digimon crowned as the Seven Great Demon Lords are not returned to the circle of life, but are sent into the heart of the Dark Area to become the flesh and blood of demon lords.

UltimateCyborg TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Darkness
This experimental type cyborg digimon was created at the same time as Andromon. Unlike Andromon, who was created with a machine base, Boltmon, who was created with a flesh base, has feelings and surpasses him in power, but his control malfunctioned and he was consigned to darkness. He is a digimon fated to wander about in the darkness of his sorrow, denying his own existence. For his special technique Tomahawk Steiner, he easily wields his enormous battle axe.

Baby 1Slime TypeN/ADigisoul: N/A
This digital monster was just born. Black, downy fur has grown thickly on the surface of his slimy body. Since he was just born, he cannot attack, but he blows a foam-like substance from his mouth to threaten enemies.

ChildFlame TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation
This flame type digimon has attached to his head his digicore, which is referred to as the central part of a digimon, and is making it burn violently. When the flame of the digicore burning on top of his head goes out, Candmon becomes unable to maintain his life activity. One theory says that the flame on top of his head is his real form, and the body part may be a dummy. Although a flame type digimon, his personality is docile and he does not increase the danger in his surroundings. For his special technique Bonfire, he spits out a small fireball.

UltimateHoly Knight TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Holy
This digimon minds decorum the most amongst the Royal Knights. He is a complete ideologist, and regarding the commands of Yggdrasil, his ratio of achieved missions is one of the highest of the Royal Knights digimon. When fighting with an enemy, striking in one-on-one combat is his policy, and his joy reaches its maximum if the enemy is a formidable one. Craniummon's armor is processed code from Yggdrasil, converted into black digizoid. He has come to be able to access his armor data and produce weapons and shields from his armor. For his special technique End Waltz, he spins his demon spear Claimh Solais at a high speed and releases a supersonic shockwave. For any who experience this technique, they continue a "dance" until all of their data is pulverized from the shockwave. Also, his demon shield Avalon invokes an omnidirectional, impregnable defense and can invalidate any kind of attack within just three seconds.

AdultDinosaur TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Dragon
The body of this dinosaur type digimon was corroded by a malignant computer virus. He was originally of the Tyrannomon species of digimon, but was infected by the malignant computer virus, so the data that organizes his body created bugs and he was completely transfigured into this frenzied digimon. His body discolored to black, his arms developed stronger than Tyrannomon's, and his attack power increased. Those who are reflected in his eyes are regarded in general to be enemies and he will commence attack, becoming completely frenzied. His special technique Fire Blast is a super powerful fireball emission that alters the surrounding area into a sea of flames.

AdultWicked Dragon TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Darkness
This wicked dragon digimon causes fear and is called The Demon of Duplicate Eyes. This demon beast was summoned from the Dark Area by the Emissary of Darkness Devimon, and there is no other as wicked a digimon as this one. He is from the Dramon line of digimon, but his arms and legs have grown abnormally, he tears up his enemies with extending arms, and he flies about in the darkness with tough limbs and wings. His personality is wicked and he does not have a compassionate heart on hand. When he glares with his four eyes, which burn a deep crimson, his enemies become unable to move and he chops up their consequently unresisting bodies. Also, when the end of his tail opens into a hooked claw shape, it can skewer enemies. It seems that the wicked sentiments of hackers that abuse computer networks for their selfish desires gave birth to this digimon. For his special technique Crimson Nail, he mangles up enemies with his giant claws, raising a bloodbath.

PerfectPerfect TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation
This ultimate digimon is shaped like a digitama, the beginning of all digimon, and also the end. It is said that this Digitamamon, who is at the pinnacle of evolution, will not evolve from common digimon and will never evolve without fusing data from different dimensions. He is enveloped in an exoskeleton shaped like an egg, the front of which renders all attacks meaningless. For his special techniques Enigma, which destroys the spirits of enemies, and Nightmare Syndrome, the sphere of darkness, when any digimon receives these attacks, they completely stop their life activities.

ChildBird TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Bird
In contrast with the pre-existing Falcomon with the strong walking ability, this is a sub-species of Falcomon that developed wings that freely fly the skies. Despite his ability to fly in the sky, his riding on a large kite like a ninja to reveal himself from the upper atmosphere is like an obsession. His special technique Scratch Smash scratches his opponents with his wing claws, and Shuririnken continuously releases crossed shuriken made from his stiff feathers. Furthermore, Uchitake Otoshi, in which he drops small bombs from the upper atmosphere while riding his large kite, is his specialty.

ChildBeast TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Beast
This beast type digimon is thought to be a subspecies of the sharp claw-bearing Gazimon line. He specializes in strike and retreat attacks with his agile movement. The gloves on his hands seem to be protecting his claws until they grow. For his special technique, Rolling Upper, he rolls himself into his enemy's chest, and Double Backhand is unleashed while he spins. He also has Gao Rush, where he moves around agilely, releasing a high-speed barrage of punches.

AdultBeast TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Beast
Gaomon's physique has grown larger, and the claws of this beast type digimon, which had been protected by his gloves, have grown firm. He is a quadruped, but he is tough and can stand up like a bear and attack. For his special technique Dash Double Claw, he approaches the enemy faster than the eye can see and attacks, while for Gaoga Hound, he bites with his strong teeth, never letting go until the enemy collapses. Also, he has Spiral Blow, where he releases a powerful whirlpool-shaped wind from his mouth in one breath.

AdultCyborg TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Water
This cyborg type digimon fused the data of the kappa creature from folklore with a music player. He is always listening to his favorite music in cheerful high spirits, but when the disc-like part of his head is injured, he sheds tears. His special technique DJ Shooter rapidly spins and fires the disc on his head, and Gawappunch is a striking technique he releases with both of his flexible hands. Also, he attacks to the shock of his enemies with the mysterious surprise Gawappa Rapper.

AdultDinosaur TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Dragon
This unique digimon is surmised to be a sub-species of Greymon. His body, including the carapace on his head, has developed like a dangerous full-body weapon, taking on an aggressive shape. For his special technique Mega Flame, he spits out super-high temperature flames, reducing everything to ashes. He also charges his Mega Flame in his mouth to its utmost limits, holding its explosive power, then fires a Mega Burst. Furthermore, Horn Impulse is a powerful attack where he charges with his enormous horns, demolishing the enemy.

UltimateCyborg TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Water
This giant cyborg type digimon has made his whole body house a beam firing port without sacrificing his metal body's shell strength. His special techniques are Megaton Hydro Laser, the super high speed water current from his mouth firing port that runs through everything, and Jumbo Crater, where he fires with all of his beam guns at once. Furthermore, because this technique has 360 degree coverage, a crater remains in the earth after discharge. This is certainly the special technique appropriate to the notion of "offense as the best defense." Furthermore, he has Jumbo Jetter, where he stows his legs and fires the beams of both hands behind him, accelerating and spirally charging the enemy.

ChildCyborg TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Water
This cyborg type digimon carries a mouse-like shell on his back. His special technique Pointer Arrow is a projectile weapon shaped like an arrow that he can guide until it hits the enemy, and Met Tackle is where he rolls on the ball in his abdomen and assaults enemies with the helmet on his head. Also, he has the ability of Koura Guard, where he returns his whole body into his shell and returns the attacks of his enemies. Incidentally, he cannot remove his helmet.

AdultMollusk TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation

UltimatePuppet TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation

KnightChessmon Kuro
AdultPuppet TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation

KnightChessmon Shiro
AdultPuppet TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation

Baby 2Dragon TypeN/ADigisoul: Machine
The downy fur that covered the surface of this tiny digimon has been shed, and his body has become one size bigger. He has become such that he can actively move around, but he is not yet able to fight. He blows bubbles from his mouth to threaten his enemies.

ChildHoly Beast TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Holy
This holy beast type digimon has attached a holy cartridge to its body. It is said that they are accumulating holy power in their left earrings every day, and that the stored power is so great that it retains influence into their next evolution. They have calm and collected personalities, carry out precise assessments of things even when in battle, and can progress through a battle with superiority. Conversely, when they are outnumbered, they enter their ammunition cartridges and have the defensive skills to fortify their bodies. For their special techniques, Dangan Senpuu (Bullet Whirlwind) strikes hard with ammunition cartridges while rotating the body, and Zekkoushou (Extreme Light Shock) dazzles the eye with a great radiance emitted from his earring. Furthermore, they have a holy beam Holy Shot that they fire when the circuit-board-like pattern on their backs increases its radiance.

UltimateDemon Lord TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Darkness

UltimateDemon Lord TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Darkness
女性の姿をした魔王型デジモンで“七大魔王”デジモンの一体でもある。元々はオファニモンと同種族だったと考えられており、堕天して “暗黒の女神”と呼ばれるようになった。妖しくも美しい容姿で相手を惑わし、その誘いに乗ったものは必ず死が与えられるといわれる。“暗黒の女神”の名に相応しく、悪に対しては寛大であるが善に対しては冷酷非道の施しをする。右腕の魔爪「ナザルネイル」は触れるもの全てを腐食させる。必殺技は暗黒の吐息で相手の体を蝕む『ファントムペイン』。この呪い受けると体の末端からデータが消失し、死してなお、その痛みに苦しむといわれている。
This demon lord type digimon is shaped like a woman and is also one of the Seven Great Demon Lord digimon. It is thought that she was originally the same race as Ophanimon, but she fell and came to be called the Goddess of Darkness. She deludes even suspicious opponents with her beautiful figure and is said to bestow certain death upon those who succumb to temptation. Her name Goddess of Darkness is appropriate, because she is tolerant towards evil, but gives coldhearted and inhuman charity toward the good. The demon claw Nazer Nail on her right arm corrodes everything it touches. Her special technique Phantom Pain rots the bodies of her opponents with a sigh of darkness. When one receives this curse, their data dies off from ends of their bodies, and it is said that after they die, they still suffer from the pain.

Lucemon Satan Mode
UltimateDemon God TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Darkness
This is Lucemon's final form, shaped like the dragon that appears at the Apocalypse. He holds overhead the Seven Crowns of Grave Sin that introduce the Apocalypse, and he holds the Sphere of Darkness Gehenna, which absorbs every attack. All attacks are invalidated in front of Gehenna and it is said that the world will be destroyed when Lucemon displays this form. However, Lucemon's real form (Lucemon Larva) exists inside Gehenna, and the Satan Mode is no more than the shadow of Lucemon. Because of that, however much you attack Satan Mode, those attacks will not reach the real form Lucemon Larva. His special technique Purgatorial Flame is a destructive flame that purifies everything, and Divine Atonement is a annihilating light that is released from the Seven Crowns.

UltimateCyborg TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Beast
A cyborg type digimon who bears rocket engines on his back with vast propulsive power. The durations of his flights are short, but he revives his maximum propulsion instantaneously, and he mainly specializes in strike and retreat attacks. For his special technique Gaoga Tornado, he spins around the enemy at maximum propulsion and releases a super high-speed barrage, while Winning Knuckle is a single blow from his fist that boasts super striking power. Also, he has an ultrasonic wave attack Howling Cannon, which fires a howl in one breath.

PerfectAncient Beast TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Beast
The fact that this ancient digimon existed long ago was made clear from plentiful evidence. Due to the warming of the Digital World, his highly compressed data was thawed, revealing his form which had been sealed in ice from an ice and snow area. He is a digimon that holds a mighty power from ancient times, and his whole body is covered in thick body hair, but he has a weakness to extreme heat. The crest engraved on the mask covering his face is a crystal of intelligence from super ancient times and has a clairvoyant power that can forecast far into the future, and his large ears can hear and understand the sounds of places far away. For his special technique Tusk Strikes, he stabs the enemy with his two tusks that have grown long.

PerfectAquatic TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Water
The Seadramon species has survived in the cruel environments around Folder Continent, and this form has evolved to survive in the strong-eat-the-weak Digital World. His body has become one size bigger, the shell covering his head has grown harder, and a lightning shaped blade on top of his head. Intelligence has developed out of the Seadramon species and he persistently chases around enemies like a seeking torpedo, bringing them down reliability. His special technique Thunder Javelin is a powerful thunder attack fired from the blade on the top his head. The shell on his head stores generator equipment that makes this special technique possible.

UltimateBeast Knight TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Beast
This beast knight type digimon covered his whole body in chrome digizoid armor. Since he moves with incomparable speed, the enemy sees him as if he were a mirage-like phenomenon. His special technique Double Crescent Mirage is a crescent moon type shockwave from both hands, and Full Moon Blaster is a super dreadnought hit fired from the mouth part of his chest. He also has diverse techniques called Gale Claw, Double Gale Claw, and Tornado Claw, where he runs through like a gale, instantly cutting up his enemies.

MirageGaogamon Burst Mode
UltimateBeast Knight TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Beast
MirageGaogamon has temporarily invoked a limited power through Burst Evolution, and is a special form wrapped in an aura and weapons of planetary-grade, high energy. For his special technique Full Moon Meteor Impact, he throws a ball of light that has planetary-grade energy at his enemies, and for Final Mirage Burst, he devotes his heart and soul and releases the energy hidden in his weapons. He also has Luna Haken Slasher (Luna Hook Slasher), which cuts things up with his crescent moon type energy halberd.

PerfectPuppet TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation
Everything about this digimon is wrapped in mystery. The impression one gets is that he is just a regular bear plushie, but a rumor says that someone enters from the zipper attached to part of his back. He wraps enemies in the love overflowing from his charming body (the eyes are scary) and brings feelings of happiness. His special technique Lovely Attack fires hearts.

PerfectDemon Dragon TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Darkness

PawnChessmon Kuro
ChildPuppet TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation

PawnChessmon Shiro
ChildPuppet TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation

AdultBird TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Bird
This bird type digimon has a strong walking ability and can fly in the sky, but walking is faster. For his special technique Spiral Claw, he jumps up into the sky, rotates his whole body at a high speed, and demolishes enemies with his large claws, while for Kunaibane, he fires the steel feathers that are stocked in the linings of his wings. Also, he specializes in Thousand Beak, a damaging technique where he strikes enemies with his sharp beak like a woodpecker.

Baby 2Baby Bird TypeN/ADigisoul: Bird
This baby bird type digimon always runs around hyper. Since they express human emotions in the way they run around, they do not stop except for when they are apathetic or when they are sleeping. Because they don't express their emotions in their faces, you have to read their feelings from the way they run around, so they are very difficult digimon to know how to connect with. Pinamon and Puwamon both equally hate having their tails touched, but because Pinamon emit a miniscule electric charge, Piri Piri Spark, from their tails, you have to be even more careful when you touch their tails than with Puwamon.

PerfectHoly Beast TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Holy
This is said to be an ancient digimon born at the time of the Digital World's creation, and it is told in legend that even as a perfect, this holy beast type digimon has strength that equals an ultimate. While he is a digimon with powerful might, he strongly detests conflict and follows the principle of never taking a life. He has a deeply benevolent personality and loves all those who inhabit the Digital World, but he is said to inflict merciless punishment on those who perform senseless killings. His special technique Shippuu Tenshouken (The Blade That Soars Through Hurricanes) pierces enemies with the horn on his head, and Jinsoku no Kokoroe (Knowledge of the Swift) disturbs opponents by sending out a copy of himself with agile movements. Also, Qilinmon releases an aura when he flaps his wings, which releases the Kaishin no Hadou (Surge of Reform) that guides even enemies down the holy road.

UltimatePuppet TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation

ChildPlant TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Insect/Vegetation
This plant type digimon is shaped like a flower bud. She spins the leaves on her head and gently floats around, expressionless but attractive. For her special technique Nuts Shoot, she fires hard nuts from her mouth. Her aim is surprisingly accurate. She also has Rara Screw, where she rotates her leaves to the maximum and assaults her enemies, and she has Sing a Song, which causes her enemies to sleep with a pleasant song.

UltimateCyborg TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Bird
This cyborg type digimon has one wing made of chrome digizoid. They say that he was a digimon called the Silver Crow who served a particular god man type digimon at the Digital World's Genesis, but he was touched by the anger of that god and one wing was dyed black. The true terror of Ravemon is in his espionage activities. He hides his form with his black wing and kills enemies with his white wing. He appears out of nowhere and brings down his enemies in one blow. For his special technique Spiral Raven Claw, he raises the pointed talons on his right arm and spins toward his enemies, and for Blast Wing, he cuts up enemies with his left wing. Also, he attacks enemies with the sword Chouou-maru (Bird King), which he draws with the easy handling of his agile body, and Ame-no-Ohabari, the blade of black lighting he fires from the Chouou-maru, has tremendous destructive power.

Ravemon Burst Mode
UltimateCyborg TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Bird

AdultHoly Beast TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Holy
The tail of this kamaitachi-like digimon has become a blade. The tail-blade has a will of its own, and has even come to be able to deal with attacks that strike unexpectedly from behind. However, the communication of its will is not ideal, and Reppamon have even been witnessed quarreling with their tails in the height of battle. They like to battle in the forest where they can easily run up trees, skillfully using their claws and tails, so careful attention is necessary when battling Reppamon in the forest. For their special technique Kurukuru Rekkuuzan (Rushing Air-Split Kill), they assault enemies while doing a forward roll, and for Juuga Rangeki (Random Firing of Beast Fangs), they wildly tear their opponents with their sharp claws. Furthermore, since they fire an invisible blade of air, Shinkuu Kamaitachi (Vacuum Slice), whenever they swing their tails, they are digimon that cannot be negligent.

PerfectCyborg TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Dragon
A cyborg type digimon who has mechanized more than half of his body. He attacks his enemies and soars through the sky in spite of his large build. The offensive power that he fires from the giant revolver on his left arm is said to rival a nuclear warhead shot, but because of its tremendous power and recoil, rapid-fire is impossible. Furthermore, his gun barrel is a chrome digizoid alloy so that it can withstand that power. For his special technique Trident Revolver, he fires (in three-point bursts) as rapidly as the limits of chrome digizoid's endurance will allow, while Rising Destroyer fires a beam barrage from his chest gunports as well as the three beam cannons on each wing. Also, Solid Strike, in which he charges the enemy and knocks them down with his giant revolver, is of pre-eminent damage strength.

PerfectDemon Man TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Water
This demon man type digimon was exiled from the heaven of the Digital World. He is a calm and collected digimon, but it is said that within his necklace a certain digicore is sealed, and when even one part of it is broken, he transfigures once more into a dreadful digimon. His special technique Xiang Yao Zhang: Kamon no Jin, causes a tornado of water as he surprisingly easily rotates his super heavyweight staff Xiang Yao Zhang, and Xiang Yao Zhang: Taki no Jin releases a raging stream as he throws his staff and strikes the ground. Also, he has Getsugazan, which stabs with his crescent-shaped blade in close combat.

UltimateLight Dragon TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Dragon
This light dragon type digimon stores the red-hot energy of the sun and fights. For his special technique Glorious Burst, he extends his giant wings, concentrates light energy to its utmost limit, and fires, and for Shining Blast, he mows down the enemy with his wings of sparkling light. Also, his Power of Gaia has the ability to summon the condensed sword GeoGrey Sword from the ground.

ShineGreymon Burst Mode
UltimateLight Dragon TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Dragon
ShineGreymon has temporarily invoked a limited power through Burst Evolution, and is a special form wrapped in an aura of solar-grade, high energy flames. For his special techniques, he combines his sword and flame shield into the giant blade Corona Blaze Sword, which explosively increases its power, and for Final Shining Burst, he devotes his heart and soul and causes a large detonation. He also has Torrid Vice, which rapid-fires red hot flame bullets.

UltimateHoly Knight TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Holy
This holy knight type digimon is one of the Royal Knights, guardians of the Digital World. There are many human-shaped digimon in the Royal Knights, but he has the silhouette of a beast type that one can even call fantastic. He is clad in Red Digizoid armor, which boasts a high defensive power, all over his whole body, so it seems that giving damage to Sleipmon is not easy, even for ultimate level digimon. His six legs have unsurpassed maneuverability and it is possible for him to perform instantaneous high-speed movements that one would not imagine from his large physique. Sleipmon protects super ancient historic ruins that sleep below the thick ice in the Digital World's arctic area because important program data that influences the creation of digimon is said to be sealed away in those ruins. His special technique Bifrost is a red hot arrow of light that is fired from Muspelheim, the holy bow on his left hand, and Odin's Breath creates a very low temperature blizzard that manipulates the climate using Niflheim, the holy shield on his right hand.

AdultPlant TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Insect/Vegetation
A plant type digimon shaped like a sunflower. She becomes very vigorous when bathed in the light of the sun, and her attack power increases. On sunny days, she can even flap the leaves on her back and fly. Her special technique Sunshine Beam is sunlight that she fires from all her petals, and for Smiley Binta (Smiley Faceslap), she slaps her enemies with a smile. Furthermore, that unsettling smile is feared. Also, she has Cactus Tail, where she waves her tail-like stalk and fires thorns.

PerfectAmphibian TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Water

UltimateInsect TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Insect/Vegetation
The King of Bugs who governs all of the insect type digimon. He is said to act only at night, in his citadel in the Underforest that exists deep underground below the dark forest. He can manipulate every insect type digimon with their minds intact, so he personally almost never fights. Due to his body shell being composed of high-density chrome digizoid, it is thought that ordinary digimon cannot inflict wounds. Shine of Bee, an unblockable red-hot explosion that fires from his whole body, instantly turns every antagonizing individual to ash. Also, for Bee Cyclone, he summons his subordinate insects and they build up into an impregnable wall of bugs.

PerfectUndead TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Darkness
He is the king of the undead digimon, who was resurrected by means of dark techniques and acquired a mighty power. Originally, he was an atrocious computer virus that destroyed absorbed computer data, and possessed the ability to revive the destroyed data as a malignant computer virus. He has an extremely brutal and sly personality, and exterminating this digimon is extremely difficult. However, he cannot use his powers except at night, and during the day his power is said to be reduced by half. For his special technique Night Raid, he launches a surprise attack, manipulating countless bats.

AdultIllusionary TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Dragon

AdultInsectivorous Plant Type*Virus AttributeDigisoul: Insect/Vegetation
This insectivorous plant type digimon has a mouth that opens wide and vines that stretch long. He is a very brutal digimon that uses his long, tentacle-like vines to ensnare small digimon lured in by the sweet aroma released from his mouth, but since he does not have direct attack abilities, he cannot oppose large digimon. Veggiemon wears a seed that he blooms into a flower when he grows.

*Often Listed as a Plant Type.

Baby 2Lesser TypeN/ADigisoul: Beast
The data of small pet-type animals like dogs and cats fused into this digimon. Because its movements are unexpectedly quick, caution is essential so it doesn't get away, but when you love it like a pet, it becomes very emotionally attached. His special technique Smile Fang bites suddenly from a very loveable form.

PerfectBewitching Bird TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Bird
This grotesque ghostly bird type digimon has three legs. He presents an evil image to those who see his jet black body, but it is told that he is a digimon who will guide chosen people to the Golden Land that exists in the Eastern Digital World. For his special technique, Mikafutsu no Kami, he channels the energy produced in the cobalt pestles Dokkosho on both his wings to his front legs and fires. The digimon who experience this technique are completely broken down into digital cells until they are only 1's and 0's. He can also convert his surroundings to the dark of night for 3 kilometers with the black light Haguro that is emitted from his jet black wings. He also has a shining foot, Delta, that swoops down on enemies with its sharp claws glistening a crimson red.

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