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Digivice iC

ChildDinosaur TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Dragon
This special Agumon has wound red leather belts around his arms, but it is surmised that his growth is no different than the traditional evolution. His power is still weak since he is in the process of growing, but hard, pointed claws have grown in on all hands and legs, and if he is placed in battle he will demonstrate his power. For his special technique, Baby Flame, he spits flame breath from his mouth to attack the enemy. Also, Baby Burner, where he amasses his Baby Flame in his mouth and spits it all out at once, is an outstanding power.

AdultGiant Bird TypeFree AttributeDigisoul: Bird
This giant bird type digimon has grown two enormous horns from his head. He is called The Great Eagle of the Desert, flies through the sky with mach speed, and has the sight to pick out enemies that are far, far away. When he glides from far up in the sky and charges his enemies, the horns on his head exhibit tremendous power. There are many bird type digimon with brutal personalities, but Aquilamon respects decorum and will unconditionally obey the orders of any master that he has taken an oath of loyalty to. For his special technique Grand Horn, he rushes the enemy from high in the sky, and Blast Laser is where he emits a thunderous roar while firing a ring-shaped light beam.

Baby ISlime TypeN/ADigisoul: N/A
This digital monster was just born. Black, downy fur has grown thickly on the surface of his slimy body. Since he was just born, he cannot attack, but he blows a foam-like substance from his mouth to threaten enemies.

Baby IIPlant TypeN/ADigisoul: Insect/Vegetation
The data of various toxin-bearing plants have been blended together into this flower-bud-shaped plant type digimon. She usually drifts through the sky, riding her leaf, and will not attack if it can be avoided. Her special technique is when one touches her painful Doku Togetoge (Poison Thorns). When she is angry, she can also fire her thorns.

ChildBeast TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation
He is a mouse-like digimon who always gives Sukamon bad advice. He is bound in a strong friendship with Sukamon (or so they say, but might it only be Chuumon who thinks?), a relationship from the time he was once rescued by Sukamon, who unexpectedly happened to pass by the place where he was captured in an online carnivore's trap. He is basically a coward, but only his guile is the best around, and when it becomes dangerous, he quickly runs around helter-skelter. For his special technique Cheese Bomb, he throws a cheese-shaped bomb. When it is accidentally eaten, it becomes something extraordinary.

UltimateDemon Lord TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Darkness
This demon lord type digimon leads many demon type digimon and fallen angel type digimon. Demon was originally an angel type digimon just like Devimon and the others, and he was a particularly high-level being among them. However, they opposed the beings of virtue in the Digital World (perhaps the humans who constructed the Digital World) and were completely deleted to the Dark Area (the graveyard for erased data) because they thrived on treachery and fury. They swear to one day get vengeance on the beings of virtue and to subjugate the Digital World. Also, they are secretly planning to resurrect the Super Ultimate digimon, the strongest amongst the ultimates, who commanded them in the time of their rebellious war. His special technique Flame Inferno is a super hot fire of hell. When one receives this technique, they are completely burned up without even a trace.

ChildBeast TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Beast
This beast type digimon is thought to be a subspecies of the sharp claw-bearing Gazimon line. He specializes in strike and retreat attacks with his agile movement. The gloves on his hands seem to be protecting his claws until they grow. For his special technique, Rolling Upper, he rolls himself into his enemy's chest, and Double Backhand is unleashed while he spins. He also has Gao Rush, where he moves around agilely, releasing a high-speed barrage of punches.

AdultBeast TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Beast
Gaomon's physique has grown larger, and the claws of this beast type digimon, which had been protected by his gloves, have grown firm. He is a quadruped, but he is tough and can stand up like a bear and attack. For his special technique Dash Double Claw, he approaches the enemy faster than the eye can see and attacks, while for Gaoga Hound, he bites with his strong teeth, never letting go until the enemy collapses. Also, he has Spiral Blow, where he releases a powerful whirlpool-shaped wind from his mouth in one breath.

PerfectMutant TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Darkness
This mutant digimon is a desktop garbage can that gained life and evolved. They are different from Sukamon, who was garbage data that caused a mutation, in that these digimon are the garbage can itself. Up until now, garbage line digimon were said to be the weakest, but since the arrival of Garbamon, this common idea seems to be completely turned around. Also, this garbage can has come to be like a black hole, and anything that is sucked into it is completely erased from the Digital World without a trace. Their special technique, Unchi Bazooka (Poop Bazooka), is the worst attack that is fired from their bazookas, which are constructed of fastened together empty cans.

AdultDinosaur TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Dragon
This unique digimon is surmised to be a sub-species of Greymon. His body, including the carapace on his head, has developed like a dangerous full-body weapon, taking on an aggressive shape. For his special technique Mega Flame, he spits out super-high temperature flames, reducing everything to ashes. He also charges his Mega Flame in his mouth to its utmost limits, holding its explosive power, then fires a Mega Burst. Furthermore, Horn Impulse is a powerful attack where he charges with his enormous horns, demolishing the enemy.

Baby IILesser TypeN/ADigisoul: Dragon
The downy fur that covered the surface of this tiny digimon has been shed, and his body has become one size bigger. He has become such that he can actively move around, but he is not yet able to fight. He blows bubbles from his mouth to threaten his enemies.

PerfectFairy TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Insect/Vegetation
A fairy type digimon, shaped like a lilac, a flower loved by everyone. She is pure and innocent, and in spite of her beautiful appearance, she is said to administer death and rebirth. There are toxins in her leaves, and she even strangles enemies to death. Her special technique Lila Shower releases a countless number of thin beams from her leaf-like fingers, and Beauty Slap continually slaps with both of her elastic hands. Furthermore, they say that those who receive this attack instantly fall in love with Lilamon. Also, she has Un Deux Pollen, where she scatters a lovely-smelling pollen and bewitches her opponents.

PerfectCyborg TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Beast
A cyborg type digimon who bears rocket engines on his back with vast propulsive power. The durations of his flights are short, but he revives his maximum propulsion instantaneously, and he mainly specializes in strike and retreat attacks. For his special technique Gaoga Tornado, he spins around the enemy at maximum propulsion and releases a super high-speed barrage, while Winning Knuckle is a single blow from his fist that boasts super striking power. Also, he has an ultrasonic wave attack Howling Cannon, which fires a howl in one breath.

UltimateBeast Knight TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Beast
This beast knight type digimon covered his whole body in chrome digizoid armor. Since he moves with incomparable speed, the enemy sees him as if he were a mirage-like phenomenon. His special technique Double Crescent Mirage is a crescent moon type shockwave from both hands, and Full Moon Blaster is a super dreadnought hit fired from the mouth part of his chest. He also has Gale Claw, where he runs through like a gale, instantly cutting up his enemies.

AdultMollusk TypeVirus AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation
This mollusk type digimon has a body like that of a slug. He likes environments that are dark and gloomy, and has no attack power or intelligence. A digimon becomes Numemon when mistakes are made in its raising, but it seems that there is a hidden secret... In order to protect his body from foreign enemies, he does a disgusting attack where he throws his own poop.

ChildPlant TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Insect/Vegetation
This plant type digimon is shaped like a flower bud. She spins the leaves on her head and gently floats around, expressionless but attractive. For her special technique Nuts Shoot, she fires hard nuts from her mouth. Her aim is surprisingly accurate. She also has Rara Screw, where she rotates her leaves to the maximum and assaults her enemies, and she has Sing a Song, which causes her enemies to sleep with a pleasant song.

PerfectCyborg TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Dragon
A cyborg type digimon who has mechanized more than half of his body. He attacks his enemies and soars through the sky in spite of his large build. The offensive power that he fires from the giant revolver on his left arm is said to rival a nuclear warhead shot, but because of its tremendous power and recoil, rapid-fire is impossible. Furthermore, his gun barrel is a chrome digizoid alloy so that it can withstand that power. For his special technique Trident Revolver, he fires (in three-point bursts) as rapidly as the limits of chrome digizoid's endurance will allow, while Rising Destroyer fires a beam barrage from his chest gunports as well as the three beam cannons on each wing. Also, Solid Strike, in which he charges the enemy and knocks them down with his giant revolver, is of pre-eminent damage strength.

UltimateFairy TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Insect/Vegetation
This rose-shaped fairy type digimon is called The Queen of the Flowers. She is shaped like a beautiful adult woman, and hopes to always remain beautiful. Her personality is a little bit overly self-conscious, but that merit is such that she won't accept defeat even against other ultimate level digimon. Also, she has attached to her breast the jewel Tiferet, which is engraved with the symbol of love and beauty. The one who holds this Tiferet is said to be promised eternal strength and beauty. Her special technique Thorn Whip completely tames even enraged digimon with a whip of thorns that carries electricity. Those who undergo this technique are said to become Rosemon's slaves in heart and body. Also, Roses Rapier brings down her enemies with the sword point of her whip. And digimon who receive her Forbidden Temptation, Rosemon's ultimate prohibited allurement, have their data destroyed beautifully, wrapped in countless flower petals.

UltimateSeraphim TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Holy
A seraphim type digimon who covered his body in a holy armor that sparkles silver and has ten golden colored wings. Among angel type digimon, he is a being of the highest rank who rules all of the angel type digimon. You cannot catch a glimpse of his uncovered face or true body, which are hidden behind masks, but he is the closest thing to the Being of Goodness called a god. Seraphimon will descend into the final decisive battle with evil beings and report the purification of all. Also, Demon, who has fallen into the Dark Area and become a demon lord type digimon, is said to have been originally a Seraphimon. His special technique Seven Heavens fires seven super-hot light balls at his opponents, and Testament is a great mystery that causes a Big Bang in exchange for his own life.

UltimateLight Dragon TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Dragon
This light dragon type digimon stores the red-hot energy of the sun and fights. For his special technique Glorious Burst, he extends his giant wings, concentrates light energy to its utmost limit, and fires, and for Shining Blast, he mows down the enemy with his wings of sparkling light. Also, his Power of Gaia has the ability to summon the condensed sword GeoGrey Sword from the ground.

AdultPlant TypeData AttributeDigisoul: Insect/Vegetation
A plant type digimon shaped like a sunflower. She becomes very vigorous when bathed in the light of the sun, and her attack power increases. On sunny days, she can even flap the leaves on her back and fly. Her special technique Sunshine Beam is sunlight that she fires from all her petals, and for Smiley Binta (Smiley Faceslap), she slaps her enemies with a smile. Furthermore, that unsettling smile is feared. Also, she has Cactus Tail, where she waves her tail-like stalk and fires thorns.

ChildPuppet TypeVaccine AttributeDigisoul: Machine/Mutation
This special digimon's whole body is made out of special plastic blocks. It is said that children playing on the Internet mimicked and created an Agumon shape and seemed to love it very much. He differs from the strong Agumon, having a cowardly side, and his blocks fall apart when he is surprised. However, he has a heart of justice that will not overlook bad things. Also, he is a major lover of children, and enjoys taking up communications with children via the Net. For his special technique Toy Flame, he launches a toy missile shaped like a flame. It is wonderfully strong.

Baby IILesser TypeN/ADigisoul: Beast
The data of small pet-type animals like dogs and cats fused into this digimon. Because its movements are unexpectedly quick, caution is essential so it doesn't get away, but when you love it like a pet, it becomes very emotionally attached. His special technique Smile Fang bites suddenly from a very loveable form.

PerfectAquatic Mammal Type*Vaccine AttributeDigisoul: Water
This large-bodied digimon lives in the deep ocean of the Net. Their enormity is of the highest class in the Digital World. Due to their enormity, they have so much data that normal computers cannot process them. In the coastal waters off File Island, you can confirm that they are of the same species, but for the Whamon that live along the coast of the continent of Folder, while they definitely have the same appearance, they have exceeded both their attack power and their life force and have achieved an evolution to Perfect. Their special technique, Tidal Wave, causes an enormous tsunami and destroys everything.

*Should be Aquatic Type.

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