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Visual Dictionary- Ultimate Digimon (Not a Complete Listing)

UltimateGod Man TypeVaccine Attribute
This god man type digimon watches over the Dark Area as the judge of the Digital World. He has the ability to imprison digimon who have been sent to the Dark Area in darkness if they are bad data, and to allow them to be reborn as digitamas if they are good data. For his special technique Amemit, he summons a demon beast of hell and has it eat the digicore of bad digimon.

Arkadimon (Kyuukyokutai)
This ultimate level digimon absorbs dark energies. He is said to be nearly invincible and completely dismantles and absorbs the data of any kind of opponent. His special technique is Dot Matrix.

UltimateDemon Lord TypeVirus Attribute
This demon lord type digimon has a high spirit. He is such an strong individual that he finds himself at the summit of the Nightmare Soldiers, but attacking the weak isn't his style. He holds the shotguns Berenjena and rides the bike-type machine Behemoth. For his special technique, Double Impact, he rapidly fires his two shotguns.

Cherubimon (Good)
UltimateCherubim TypeVaccine Attribute
This cherubim type digimon is shaped like a beast. He is one of the Three Great Angel digimon, and is protecting the Digital World's kernel. However, because he is positioned as the ultimate "good," he seems to have a side that easily dyes his body in the "evil" that is the polar opposite. For his special technique Lightning Spear, he fires a spear of thunder like a divine punishment.

Cherubimon (Evil)
UltimateCherubim TypeVirus Attribute
He was one of the Three Great Angel digimon that are the most prominent of the angel types, but this cherubim type digimon became the ultimate evil by some kind of pretext. When a Cherubimon who turns into this black figure makes his appearance, it is said that the balance of the Digital World crumbles. For his special technique Heaven's Judgement, he calls forth a thunder cloud and rains down countless lightning bolts.

UltimateMutant TypeData Attribute
This mutant type digimon is said to be a Digitamamon that dark evolved. He is a Pandora's Box-like being, stuffed with all the evils of the world, and uses sorcery by means of a lost, ancient high-level programming language. His special technique Black Death Cloud is a gas of darkness that digitally breaks down the bodies of his enemies.

UltimateDemon Beast TypeVirus Attribute
This dark demon beast type digimon appeared from the deepest location in the Dark Area. The mouth on the lower half of his body seems to be connected to the interior of the Dark Area, and it is said that when inhaled, digicores are broken into very small pieces. For his special technique Dead Scream, he emits a scream from the mouth on the lower half of his body which defeats all who hear it.

UltimateHoly Dragon TypeVaccine Attribute
This holy dragon type digimon, who shines a gold color, is one of the Four Great Dragon Digimon. He has Holy Rings, the proof of his holy lineage, on his arms, and tiny dragon digimon called Umon of Blue Thunder, in the role of regeneration, and Amon of Red Flame, in the role of destruction, are sealed within his right and left arms, respectively. His special technique, God Flame, causes explosions of holy essence.

UltimateCyborg TypeVaccine Attribute
This digimon improves on the incomplete Andromon and perfects it. Since he is using parts of chrome digizoid alloy in his body and brain, he boasts powerful fighting strength and can move on his own accord. His special technique, Atomic Ray, is a beam that fuses the atomic energy put out from his left shoulder with the neutronic energy put out from his right shoulder.

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (Blue)
UltimateAncient Dragon Man TypeFree Attribute
Imperialdramon unleashed all his power and changed to this dragon warrior form. He came to be able to control the power to become humanoid. His attacks have the power to destroy even a star. For his special technique Giga Death, he places the Positron Laser on his right arm into the dragon head on his chest and radiates energy from his whole body.

UltimatePuppet TypeVirus Attribute
This digimon is said to be the highest being amongst the Etemon, and he gets carried away and calls himself the King of Kings. He wears a Monkey Suit that has the characters for Great King on its chest and puts on the airs of a star, but he is looked down on by the other digimon. For his special technique Saru Shibai (Monkey Drama), he puts on an act and sobs with feeling that attacks the enemy.

UltimateGod Man TypeData Attribute
長く生きた狐形デジモンが進化するデジモン。普通はクズハモンになるが、高レベルの狐形デジモンだけがサクヤモンへ進化するらしい。神道、陰陽道、 修験道などの古代魔法をあやつり、管狐を1匹だけ持つ。得意技は、管狐で攻撃する「裏飯綱」。必殺技は、結界をはる『胎蔵界曼荼羅』。
This digimon is a long-lived fox-shaped digimon that evolved. They normally become Kuzuhamon, and only fox-shaped digimon of a high level seem to evolve into Sakuyamon. She manipulates the ancient magic ofShinto, Onmyoudou, Shugendou, and the like, and has only one pipe fox. For her specialty move Uraizuna (Reverse Izuna), she attacks with her pipe fox. For her special technique Taizoukai Mandara (Womb World Mandala), she affixes a barrier.

Moon Milleniumon
UltimateWicked God TypeVirus Attribute
This spirit shintai digimon exists in the world in the heart of Milleniumon. His dark heart transforms into a digimon, and its shape seems to alter with hatred and anger. Also, physical attacks cannot be used because it has no substance. It is freed from its hontai when defeated and is said to exceed space-time and revive itself. Its special technique Death Crystal cuts up the heart of the enemy.

UltimateDemon Man TypeVirus Attribute
This demon man type digimon is said to evolve from a mummy type digimon. Since he used his underling digimon and had his ancient ruins completed in a few days, he is understood to have had considerable power in the ancient Digital World. His special technique Necro Mist is a gas that steals the will of an enemy and completely dehydrates its body.

Thanks to Angel-kun for the scans!

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