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DeviantArt Galleries

DeviantArt is a handy network of personal art pages. If you're an artist, check it out. The following are links to some of my favorite Digimon artists/former Digimon artists.

Gif Factory Artists
Demon of Light | DigistarDBZ | Fenrir | GigadramonYagami/Featherclaw | JessMakito | Koji |
Pinali | ukyoluvr | VirusMetalGarurumon
Non-Gif Factory Artists
Aledon Rex | BlueIke | Gomis | Nicole1725 | Takato 22

Digimon Fan-Art Pages

Random Pixels!
This is Gif Factory Artist DigistarDBZ's pixel art site, where all of her cute little Digimon and Cyborg 009 pixel-people can be found.

Digimon Overwatch
This is the website for Gif Factory Artist JessMakito's fanfic Digimon Overwatch.

Ondine's Art Site
Ondine is a fantastic Digimon artist with a lot of very impressive work, mostly from Digimon Tamers.

Karabiner's Atelier
This is the site of a world-famous Digimon fan-artist, Karabiner. (Warning: some mature art)

City the Emerald Digital
You may have heard of Ozzy's Digimon gijinkas. If not, you need to click that link.

Other Art Sites

Aledon Rex's Last Frontier
This is Aledon Rex's art page, featuring anthro animals and dinosaurs.

Come visit the world of Pixeldam, an isometric pixel art community dedicated to populating an evergrowing city. Join in and construct your own city block! Or even help colonize the moon!

Other Links

The Sprite Domain
This is Gif Factory Artist Fenrir's other site, which features sprites from many video games, primarily Final Fantasy VI. There are also a Digimon section.

4ever Destined
A fan site dedicated to Digimon, Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, and Tokyo Mew Mew.

Fenrir's Top Secret Digimon Files

Digimon List
This is my list of current Digimon.

Kata List
This is my big list of Digimon types (Cyborg, Holy Beast, etc.). Lists all the Digimon by type.

Digimon Profiles
This is where I keep the Japanese Digimon profiles I've translated over the years.

Digimon, Digital Monsters, and all related characters and monsters are the property of Akiyoshi Hondo and Toei Animation. Bandai too. This fanart page is intended for entertainment purposes only. Moumantai!